Our experts will rebuild your shocks to your exact specifications! We specialize in Ford Raptor shocks, but we do offer rebuilding for most popular brands. For our mail-in shock rebuilding programs, you can either send us your shocks or do an exchange for minimal downtime. We also offer in-person repairs for local customers in the Sacramento area. Rebuild pricing will depend on the brand, model, and what you want done. Browse our options and contact us if you have any questions.

Ford Raptor Shock Rebuilds

Our experts will rebuild your Ford Raptor shocks to your specifications. Choose between our send-in or exchange options. For our send-in option, you will mail us your shocks and we will rebuild them and ship them back to you. For our exchange program, we will send you shocks built to your specifications, and in exchange you will mail us your old shocks within 30 days. This way, your vehicle is back in commission as quickly as possible. Read our information pages carefully to know what to expect and to place your order.

Non-Raptor Shock Rebuilds

Our shop offers rebuilding for most major shock brands including King, Fox, Radflo, ADS, and Icon. Our technicians will get your shocks back to peak performance, and can even refinish them for a new look.

Local Customers

From our location in Loomis, we proudly serve Sacramento, Placer, and other neighboring counties. For our local customers, we offer shock rebuilding, suspension, fabrication, and custom work. Contact us or stop by our shop to learn more.