Shock Rebuild Service | Sacramento | Northern California | Forged Offroad

Serving the Sacramento and Northern California area:

Forged Offroad specializes in Shock Rebuilds and Tuning for all off road Trucks, Jeeps and UTVs, including OE shocks on Ford Raptors and Toyota TRD Pro trucks. If you are outside of the greater Sacramento area, you can always ship your shocks to us for rebuilding or tuning.

We rebuild shocks from

  • Fox Racing Shocks
  • King
  • Icon
  • ADS
  • Walker
  • Dirt Logic
  • Radflo
  • And other rebuild-able brands

Our rebuild process includes completely disassembling the shocks, cleaning, inspection of all internal parts and shaft polishing. If any parts are warn or damaged, they will be replaced*.

The assembly process includes replacing all seals and wear bands, oil and pressurizing with nitrogen.

Rebuilding shocks properly is labor intensive and pain staking process.

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