Raptor SDI E-Clik

E-CLIK was engineered to enhance the Raptor suspension by delivering improved shock performance and overall best-in-class vehicle handling. The system includes three patent-pending terrain modes – Trail, Street, Desert – that are predictive to terrain and adaptive to driving style; simply pick your terrain, let E-CLIK do the rest. Taking this active system to Pro status, it includes additional tuning capabilities by offering 10 adjustment levels each to Pitch, Roll, Turn, Throttle, and Brake sensitivities, including control over rear payload, and the ability to tune front and rear shocks independently. If you want to add extra suspension performance to your truck without a HUGE price tag, look no further than this system!

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2017-2018 Raptor E-Clik

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2019-2020 Raptor E-Clik

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