2017up Ford F150 Raptor Verja Alignment and Reinforcement Kit



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2017 up Ford F150 Raptor Alignment and Reinforcement kit fixes 2 known issues with your Raptor.

First, the alignment. From the factory there are slots on the lower control arm mounting tabs to adjust the alignment. To hold the alignment, it relies on the friction of the bolts. Our kit add’s cam bolts to hold your alignment, even off road!

Second, reinforcement. On the first gen Raptor we had many issues with the lower control arm mounting tabs bending, Ford listened (somewhat) and beefed up the tabs on the front mounts, however they did not beef up the rear mounting tabs. Our kit add’s strength to both the front and rear mounting tabs so you have one less thing to worry about off road. 

We offer the kit 2 ways, bolt in (everything powder coated) or weld in (raw steel). The weld in kit is stronger, however both work well.

Just like all of the kits we offer, you will receive everything you need to install it on your truck.

Verja – From Old Norse: Verja – to protect, defend; keep away; hold a place against)

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