2010 – 2014 Ford Raptor Fuse 27 Relocation Kit Genuine Ford




It’s not a matter of IF fuse 27 fails, but when. And the when is typically at the worst possible moment.

Fuse 27 is located in the fuse block under the hood just above the radiator. This fuse provides power to your fuel pump. The fuse itself is a micro 20 amp fuse and will melt and fail.

The relocation kit uses a physically larger fuse that will handle the current better.  

This relocation kit is a genuine Ford/Motorcraft part and includes everything you need to relocate Fuse 27 to the 70 position including full written instructions with pictures. There are also several videos on YouTube as well.

NOTE: To install this kit, you will need a 10mm wrench, straight blade screw driver, soldering iron and solder. Installation time is 20-30 min. Difficulty is a 2 out of 5


Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 1 in