2009 – 2014 Ford F-150/Raptor BuiltRight Industries Bedside Rack System 4 Panel Kit




** Fitment is only confirmed on trucks with the 5.5ft bed for now. We’re working on confirming or making adjustments to accommodate other bed lengths.

The long-awaited 09-14 F-150/Raptor fitment of the BuiltRight Industries Bedside Racks is now available and shipping immediately. These racks attach to the truck using the factory tie down threaded features (tie down is still used) as well as two bed rail clamps for stability. Be sure to purchased additional bed rail clamps to suit your application. Some tonneau covers will already have a clamp in each corner that you can do double duty with.

Kit Includes:

  • 2x Large panel

  • 2x Large panel support brackets

  • 2x Small panel

  • 2x Small panel support brackets

  • 1x Grade 5 Hardware Kit

Follow this link for more detailed information if you’d prefer to read, rather than watch the video below.

NOTE: Fitment with drop-in bedliners is not supported. Some have been shown to work, others have been shown shown to not work. We’ll compile a list when we can, but for now, purchase at your own risk!

Additional information

# Of Clamps

0, 4(+$25), 8(+$50)