2010-2019 Ford Raptor Shock Rebuild Pricing

2010-2014 Ford Raptor Shock Exchange Program(OEM):

  • Full Set(4 Shocks)$550 for basic OE rebuild + $500 deposit/core charge=$1050 plus round trip shipping
  • Pair(2 Shocks, Front or Rear)$325 for basic OE rebuild + $300 deposit/core charge=$625 plus round trip shipping

    The $500 deposit will be refunded, minus any replacement parts or refinishing fee’s upon receipt and inspection of your old shocks(please see exchange policy for details)

    NOTE: Refinishing: If your shocks have rust or corrosion on them, they will need to be refinished before we can send them out to the next customer. The Refinishing fee is $125 per pair(2 Shocks) or $250 per set(4 Shocks) and will be deducted from the deposit.
    NOTE: If your shocks are damaged or in need of replacement parts, we will deduct the cost from the deposit amount to cover the parts.

2010-2014 Ford Raptor Send in Your Shocks Program(OEM):

  • $550(4 Shocks) for basic OE rebuild + Round Trip Shipping(Or you can ship at your own expense)

2017-2018 Ford Raptor Send in Your Shocks Program(OEM):

  • Full Set(4 Shocks)$880 for basic OE rebuild + Round trip shipping(Or you can ship at your own expense)
  • Pair(2 Shocks, Front or Rear)$480 for basic OE rebuild + Round trip shipping(Or you can ship at your own expense)

2010-2019 Ford Raptor Aftermarket 3.0(Fox,King,Icon, ADS) Shocks:

  • 4 Shocks-$900 for basic rebuild + Round Trip Shipping(Or you can ship at your own expense)
  • 2 Shocks-$500(2 Shocks) for basic rebuild + Round Trip Shipping(Or you can ship at your own expense)

Options & Upgrades(Additional Cost):

  • $100($50 Front/$50 Rear) – Viton Seal Kit Upgrade – Top Quality Viton Seals Throughout the shock
  • $170 – Front Spherical Bearings (pair) – Replace the expensive OE Bushings with our new Spherical Bearings that will last 2-3 times longer
  • $30 – Forged Offroad Replacement Front Lower Shock Bolts(pair)- Save your lower control arms from damage with our grade 10.9 properly shanked bolts (pair)
  • $50 – Mid Perch- Resetting your springs for better performance and a level stance. (only needs to be done once, we won’t charge if you already have it done).
  • $80 – Flutter Stack(All 4 Shocks) – Originally Designed to handle washboard roads (and it works well), we discovered “on the road” benefits as well, such as it eliminates 30-40% rear wheel hop & absorbs rough roads better (all 4 shocks).
  • $80 – Level 1 Off Road(All 4 Shocks) – Set up for more aggressive off-road but still very street-able – We Recommend Level 1 to anyone that off-roads their truck!
  • $160 – Level 2 Off Road(All 4 Shocks) – Even more aggressive off-road, customized progressive stack for the serious weekend warrior
  • $100-$350 Custom Finish – Make your shocks stand out with a custom vinyl wrap! Carbon Fiber? Body Color? Flat Black? We can do it! NOTE: Requires 2 additional days. NOTE: If your shocks are already getting refinished, custom colors are only $100 more.
    • Colors in stock-Blue, Flat Black, Semi Gloss Black, White, Orange, Red, and Black Carbon Fiber
    • Any color not in stock will take an extra 2 weeks
    • Any special color will be the sole responsibility of the customer to find and relay to Forged Offroad so we can get it for you.

Local RRR 2.5 Fox Raptor Shocks(Remove, Rebuild, Reinstall):

  • $325 Rebuild Front or Rear Pair of shocks
  • $550 Rebuild Full Set
  • $250 Labor to Remove & Reinstall Shocks
  • Custom Refinishing: If you would like to get your shocks refinished it add’s 2-3 days to the process. Starting at $250 for a set of 4

Estimated Round Trip Shipping Prices Based on Region:

  • West Coast(2-3 Days)-$100-$120
  • Mid West(4-5 Days)-$140-$160
  • East Coast(5-7 Days)-$160-$180
  • *Canada(7-10 Days)-$200-$250
  • Alaska(5-7 Days)-$400+
  • Hawaii(5-7 Days)-$400+
  • International-Email For Quote

*If shipped with springs still installed, the price for shipping will go up due to the extra weight

*Canada customers pay all import and export fee’s View Policy Here