About Us

Who We Are

Forged Offroad is a veteran owned company providing quality rebuilt shocks and fabricated parts with unparalleled customer service. We live, eat and sleep off-roading and each member of our team is dedicated to ensuring our mission is accomplished.  

Our Approach

At Forged Offroad we put customers first and while this might sound like a cliché we take this statement seriously. Like you, we are also customer as we test and use the products we sell and manufacturer as well as those of vendors we carry. Keeping this approach of always trying to look at it as if we are the customer keeps us grounded and ensures we always offer the best off-road products and customer services.

Our History

As off-road enthusiasts the founders of Forged Offroad started the company as a hobby. We were looking for a way to rebuild our shocks in a more timely manner than the six weeks it took the big name companies to do it. What started as a way to learn to rebuild our own shocks became a passion for quality rebuilt and tuned shocks. Our hobby quickly grew into the continually growing business that it is today. We now rebuild more Ford Raptor shocks than anyone else in the world, and provide that same world class quality for all makes and models of off-road vehicle shocks. In addition to our shock rebuild service, we also offer a wide range of products to make your off-roading adventures possible.


"Forged Offroad is a combo of devotions that fills me with pride. We get to build amazing trucks, work with great individuals, and employ veterans while giving back to not only the community but to incredible causes."

Matthew Montes CEO/Founder

Meet The Team

Matthew Montes

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Ken McGuire

Chief Financial Officer

Dan Niccum

Chief Marketing Officer

Genadiy "G" Moskalenko

Chief Operating Officer

Joseph Sciacca

Shock Subject Matter Expert

Jeffrey Hannah

VP Customer Management

William Campos

Shock Technician

Michael Shestopal

Design, Engineering and Fabrication

Ed David

VP Media