The lower front shock bushings on most 2010-14 Ford Raptors require replacing after 50,000 – 60,000 miles.

Warn front lower shock bushings are the leading cause of the dreaded front end “Clunk”

It’s easy to check your bushings.

Shocks installed:

With the truck on jack stands, remove the front wheels, use a medium pry bar between the lower A arm and the bottom of the shock. Apply pressure and see how much the shock moves. IF there is very little movement, the bushings are probably fine, if there is quite a bit of movement, then your bushings should be replaced.

Shocks removed:

Grab the bushing and try to rotate, if it rotates easily, that’s a sign that it’s going out. Now rock the bushing back and forth, if you feel any movement the bushings should be replaced.

Here’s a quick video:

We stock OE bushings, however they just don’t last that long, so we have also made a spherical bearing to replace the OE bushings. The spherical bearing is teflon lined so it does not make any noise and it will last 3x the life of the OE bushings.

OE Bushings click here

Forged Offroad Spherical Bearings

Forged Offroad Spherical Bearning Ford Raptor