Send Us Your Shocks to Rebuild

With the popularity of our Exchange program, lead times are above normal so having us rebuild your shocks is a faster option.

When customer shocks arrive, we make every effort to get them rebuilt and out the door within 10 business days so your truck is not down and waiting on us for longer than needed. This lead time is separate from the exchange program*


As they are your shocks you know the complete history of them, so there are no surprises when your shocks get delivered back to you.

To help keep the costs down as much as possible, we will email you a pre-paid shipping label for your shocks. You get to use our discounted shipping rates rather than the retail rates of just dropping your shocks off. If you would like this option make sure to click the box on the form.

*Due to our new processes and personnel, our exchange lead time has impacted customer owned shocks lead time as well. It can take 10 business days or more from when we receive them to rebuild them.

To send your shocks in for rebuild, please fill out the form below.